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Think Librarians Are Hot? Not So Fast

"Think Librarians Are Hot? Not So Fast". Technorati / William Murakami-Brundage.
America:, September 28th 2010.

"'Librarian' may not really deserve a place on the top 50 career choices of 2011. Our nation's geek love is driving people to love books and love libraries. It even coerces people to don glasses, wear buns, and become librarians."

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who Cares About Libraries?

"Who Cares About Libraries?" Macleans / John Geddes.
Toronto" Macleans Online, August 29th 2011.

Canadians apparently. Far from being under siege (except in Toronto), they’re thriving—and experimenting.

"Beyond the sheer fiscal capacity of governments to keep paying for them, the case for libraries remains surprisingly solid in the online age. The Canadian Urban Libraries Council commissioned Lumos Research to analyze the trends. The report, released last spring, found that for every person in a given Canadian city, the public library on average loaned out 11.3 books and other items in 2008-2009, up from 9.7 in 2000-2001. Over the same nine-year period, the number of visits to the libraries’ websites jumped to five a year per capita from only one. More loans and Web hits refute the easy assumption that Google searches and cheap online book-selling must be rendering libraries obsolete. "
See Also:
An Analysis of Public Library Trends

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I Like Clouds

Martin McCormack

Canadian Libraries Lead the Way

"Canadian Libraries Lead the Way." Vancouver Sun / Stephanie Law.
Vancouver: Vancouver Sun Online, August 29th 2011.

""The world looks to us for new services and ideas, and ways to engage the community," [Ingrid Parent]  said. "Public libraries in Canada really get out to the communities and serve them in ways beyond just lending books, like by being meeting places, welcoming sites for newcomers, and by teaching new skills.""

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Friday At the Library

You Can Get That At The Library?

"You Can Get That At The Library?" Chicago Tribune / Gregory Karp.
Chicago: Chicago Tribune Online, August 26th 2011.

"Librarians. Perhaps the greatest resource of all is free access to an information expert, your local librarian, who, coincidentally, can turn you on to all the new offerings the library has."

Card Catalogue Drawer A-D

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Stuck on You / Failure

The Library — It’s Not Just About Books Anymore

"The Library — It’s Not Just About Books Anymore." San Lorenzo Patch / Toni Mann.
San Lorenzo, CA: The Patch Online, August 15th 2011.

"Unfortunately, many people today don't understand the power of their library card, and have forgotten about this valuable resource. 
Some folks believe that due to the popularity of e-book readers, online bookstores and the Internet, libraries are becoming obsolete. I don’t think those people have been to a public library lately.
The library has changed since the days of shushing librarians, musty books and 3x5 card catalogs. Libraries have become dynamic community gathering spots, and places to keep current with today’s new technology.
As the economy continues its downward spiral, public library usage has skyrocketed. The need for library services and resources has increased dramatically as people have discovered the benefits of a library card over the detriments of a credit card."

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Use a Bookmark!

Making Room for Readers

"Making Room for Readers." The Millions / Steve Himmer.
America: The Millions Online, August 18th 2011.

"One recent morning, my almost four year old daughter started crying out of the blue. I asked her what was wrong, and she wailed, “I don’t have a library card!” So with a proud paternal bibliophile’s heart swollen in my chest, I strapped her into her car seat and we set off for the library in search of a library card and — at her request — in search of Tintin books like those I’d told her were my favorite stories at the library when I was young."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Library Is Not Just A Book Warehouse Anymore

"The Library Is Not Just A Book Warehouse Anymore." Globe & Mail / Frances Bula.
Toronto: Globe & Mail Online, August 21st 2011.

"“It’s becoming that third place,” says Ms. Barlow’s deputy, Melanie Houlden, talking about the idea popularized by American writer Ray Oldenburg. His 1989 book The Great Good Place argued that “third places” – caf├ęs, barber shops and bookstores, where people gather and talk separate from where they live or where they work – are the foundations of civil society."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Study: College Students Rarely Use Librarians' Expertise

"Study: College Students Rarely Use Librarians' Expertise." USA Today / Steve Kolowich.
Chicago: USA Today Online, August 23rd 2011.

"[Lynda] Duke and [Andrew] Asher said they were surprised by "the extent to which students appeared to lack even some of the most basic information literacy skills that we assumed they would have mastered in high school." Even students who were high achievers in high school suffered from these deficiencies, Asher told Inside Higher Ed in an interview.

In other words: Today's college students might have grown up with the language of the information age, but they do not necessarily know the grammar."

Ethnographic Research in Illinois Academic Libraries Project

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Future Libraries: Change, Options & How to Get There

Future Libraries: Change, Options & How to Get There / Museums, Libraries, & Archives.
United Kingdom: Culture, Tourism, & Sport, 2011.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baffled at a Bookcase Alan Bennett Returns to the Library

"Baffled at a Bookcase Alan Bennett Returns to the Library." London Review of Books / Alan Bennett.
London: London Review of Books 33.15, July 28th 2011.

"I have always been happy in libraries, though without ever being entirely at ease there. A scene that seems to crop up regularly in plays that I have written has a character, often a young man, standing in front of a bookcase feeling baffled. He – and occasionally she – is overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that has been written and the ground to be covered."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

US Public Libraries: We Lose Them at Our Peril

"US Public Libraries: We Lose Them at Our Peril." Los Angeles Times / Marilyn Johnson.
Los Angeles: LA Times Online, July 6th 2010.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Leadership for New Librarians

"Leadership for New Librarians." LIS Careers / Susan Sloan.
America: LIS Careers Online,  August 2005.

"Lead with love

Love is not a word that is often used in the workplace, but love is what you need to be a leader. As librarians, we have the opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of others. Love your job, love your career, and love your profession. Love your co-workers, supervisors and clients/patrons. Be inspired by leaders who help you to recognize the value of your contributions to society and be humbled by the opportunity to make a difference in the world. Have you ever met someone who truly loves her work? Her love remains constant even when faced with tedious tasks, boring meetings and difficult colleagues. The basis for her love is the fact that she knows that the work she does makes a difference. Figure out how you can make a difference in your job and career and you will lead with love."

Public Libraries: Community-Based Health Clubs For the Brain & Mind?

"Public Libraries: Community-Based Health Clubs For the Brain & Mind?" Aging Today / Alvaro Fernandez.
San Francisco: Aging Today 30.3 14-17, 2009.

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"Some Cardinal Principles of Librarians' Work." Public Libraries / Sam Walter Foss.
Chicago, IL: Public Libraries 14 77-81, 1909.
“Don't stay in the library all the time yourself and stagnate in the musty atmosphere of your dead books. Be a public and not a private man. Get out and feel the dynamic thrill that comes from contact with live men. The club, the exchange, the street, the philanthropic and economic organizations that are feeling out for the betterment of mankind are the places where the librarian should be found frequently. He should be the best known man or woman in the city.”

Oooh, Saucy Language for a Librarian!

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Your Third Place or Mine? Public Libraries & Local Communities

"Your Third Place or Mine? Public Libraries & Local Communities." Public Library Journal / Kevin Harris.
UK: Public Library Journal Online 18.2 26-29, 2003.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Becoming a Library Manager

"Chapter One: Becoming  A Library Manager." The Accidental Library Manager / Rachel Singer Gordon.
Medford, NJ: Information Today, 2004.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Librarians Know How to Check It Out

Are Public Libraries an Essential Service?

"Are Public Libraries an Essential Service? Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Says 'No' -- But He's Wrong." Macleans / Emma Teitel.
Toronto: Macleans Online, August 4th 2011.
"Over the next 24 hours more than a hundred civilian deputations would be made, directed mainly at the mayor, who swiveled in his chair, downed the occasional Red Bull, and made not-so-comfortable eye contact with angry disputants. “Save the libraries” and “Shame” were among the more popular epithets slung at Ford, whose fiscal mission—to distinguish Toronto’s “need to haves” from its “nice to haves”— has clearly put neighbourhood libraries in the latter category. His Worship’s older brother Doug—also a city counselor—helpfully poured gasoline on the library fire, making an unlikely opponent of Canadian author and T.O. resident Margaret Atwood by asserting that a) there are more libraries than Tim Hortons outlets in his neighbourhood (there aren’t), and b) he doesn’t care what Atwood has to say about his erroneous assertions because he doesn’t really know who she is."

What’s Going On With Toronto Libraries?

"What’s Going On With Toronto Libraries?" National Post / Natalie Alcoba.
Toronto: The National Post Online, July 28th 2011.

"In its most recent annual report, Toronto Public Library boasts it is the “busiest public library system in the world.” More than 18 million people visit the 99 branches, taking out more than 32-million different items. Circulation has been on the rise, increasing by 3.4% in 2010 over the previous year. Borrowing e-titles jumped an impressive 70%, but still only represents 0.8% of overall circulation. The circulation of print materials was stable, while audio books and DVDs increased. Since 2006, visits to the libraries website have increased by 26%. A survey shows that 73% of Torontonians use the library, said KPMG, a consulting firm that provided councillors with several reports on what services the city might consider cutting for budget reasons. The Toronto Public Library offers more than 27,000 programs, most of them for children, that support early literacy and book clubs."

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Whither the Library

"Whither the Library." CBC Radio One / The Current.
Ottawa: CBC Radio One Online, August 2nd 2011.

"And as city council looks for places to cut, councilor Doug Ford, the brother of Mayor Rob Ford, started counting library branches and Tim Hortons outlets. Now, his math was off. There are actually about three Tim Hortons for every one library branch in his neighbourhood.

But his comments have unleashed a fierce debate over the value and the future of libraries ... a debate that is already being fueled by questions about the role libraries play in the internet era, when so much information is readily available from just about anywhere."

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The Great Library Debate:  Are Public Libraries in the Digital Age

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Satisfaction Levels Related to Management Issues Among LIS Professionals

"Satisfaction Levels Related to Management Issues Among LIS Professionals." Annals of Library & Information Studies / Purushothama Gowda M.
Mangalore: Annals of Library & Information Studies 56 227-235, December 2009.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Job Satisfaction of Canadian University Librarians: A National Survey

"Job Satisfaction of Canadian University Librarians: A National Survey." College & Research Libraries / Gloria J. Leckie & Jim Brett.
America: ACRL pages 31-47, July 1997.

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Finding Good Information on the Internet

"Finding Good Information on the Internet." Scientific American / Kevin McCluney.
New York: Scientific American Online, July 16th 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Naughty Librarian / Pearle Vision

Is That a Bad Thing?

"We have more libraries per person than any other city in the world.
I’ve got more libraries in my area than I have Tim Hortons."

Our Public Library: Project Rescue 

The Tao of Librarianship

"The Tao of Librarianship." Information Tyrannosaur / Andy Burkhardt.
Burlington, Vermont: Information Tyrannosaur, July 19th 2011.

"It is a philosophy which values balance, moderation, compassion and being pliant and adaptable. There is a wealth of wisdom from the Taoist philosophy that could be applied in librarianship. ...
Be Like Water (8) – “The best are like water, bringing help to all.” Water helps all people, that’s it’s nature. Just so, we should constantly be thinking about how we can best serve others. Water also is quite adaptable. It can fit easily into any sort of container and it naturally goes with the flow. Librarians too should be able to change themselves, their services, and their resources to meet their community’s needs. They should be able to adjust along with the changes that are constantly happening in the world both technologically and socially."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Make a Wish

Retiring Librarian Knows the Secret to Good Service

"Retiring Librarian Knows the Secret to Good Service." The Gleaner / Chuck Stinnett.
Henderson, Kentucky: The Gleaner Online, July 22nd 2011.

""People ask, 'What do you need a library for if you've got the Internet?' " [Donald Wathen] said. "Libraries aren't about books or tapes; libraries are about people. The library is here to serve people, to help people."
The key, he said, is embracing change and responding to what customers want.
The library today not only loans books and other materials, but provides access to technology, a variety of free classes, genealogical help and other services, and safely houses elements of Henderson's history: Old photos and documents; microfilm copies of The Gleaner, deeds, birth and death records, marriage records; old telephone books and city directories; old high school albums and more.
"People come here to find a good mystery or knowledge of how to get a job or access to a computer or ... (to attend) children's story hour," Wathen said. Some patrons visit three or four times a week; some come every day."

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Want Books!

Annual Report of Public Libraries 2010

Annual Report of Public Libraries 2010 / Federation of Ontario Public Libraries.
Ontario: Federation of Ontario Public Libraries, 2011.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Critical Issues Facing the Government of Canada

Critical Issues Facing the Government of Canada / Canadian Library Association.
Ottawa: Canadian Library Association Political Task Force, 2004.

"Whether we are talking about the major library systems in a Canadian city, the small, beautiful rural library branch, the happy school library, the major research library at a university, the technical library of a college, the proud library on a reserve, the hospital library for patients and medical pros, or a fresh law library in Canada’s newest territory Nunavut, we can clearly recognize that libraries support nearly everything we care about in Canada:
* Learning and schools for our whole lives
* Preparing children for their futures
* Medical care and good health and nutrition
* Peace order and good government
* Healthy and effective communities
* Entertainment, the arts and culture
* A great democracy
* A wonderful country."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

National Core Library Statistics Program Statistical Report, 1999: Cultural and Economic Impact of Libraries on Canada

National Core Library Statistics Program Statistical Report, 1999: Cultural and Economic Impact of Libraries on Canada / Alvin M. Schrader & Michael R. Brundin.
Ottawa: Library & Archives Canada, 2002.

"It also becomes evident that libraries as physical, and increasingly virtual places, play multiple roles in the lives of their users; and, moreover, that Canadians place a high value on libraries as places for the construction of community—whether the communities are those of the general public, post-secondary students and faculty, school students and their teachers, or employees in government, industry, and the not for-profit sector. 
In the quest for quantitative descriptions and generators of economic activity, we should remember that each library transaction—whether it is a reference question, onsite consultation of material, borrowing for off-site use, or remote access—represents a “moment of truth” in the lives of Canadian library users.   
Each interaction is an opportunity for librarians and their staff to contribute to the personal and professional satisfaction of clients of every age and walk of life every day of the year in every corner of the nation.  Every outcome of library service is an individual’s story."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Doctors Prescribe Regular Library Visits

"Doctors Prescribe Regular Library Visits." Kitsap Sun / Katie Scaff.
Kitsap County, WA: Kitsap Sun Online, July 13th 2011.

"Kitsap Regional Library is working with health clinics and the nonprofit organization Reach Out and Read to promote early literacy this summer through a program called Libraries Are Doctor-Recommended."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Long Lost Library: Living On A Budget

"The Long Lost Library: Living On A Budget." Cullman Sense / Meghan Nelson.
Cullman, AL: CullmanSense, July 14th 2011.

"At this point, you may be wondering what, exactly, the Cullman Public Library has to do with living on a budget. The answer is quite simple: it provides free book (and I was surprised to learn, movie) rentals, as well as internet and computer access.
I use 'free' in a loose manner, since the public library is funded by the government, which is, in turn, funded by us, the taxpayers. So, rather than 'free', the public library is actually more like something you are required to fund regardless of whether or not you plan to use it. When viewed in this fashion, it seems ridiculous not to take advantage of something for which you have already paid."

The Dark Ages Began with Closing A Library

Monday, July 18, 2011

What Skills Does a Digital Archivist or Librarian Need?

"What Skills Does a Digital Archivist or Librarian Need?" The Signal / Bell LeFurgy.
Washington: Library of Congress The Signal Online, July 13th 2011.

Keeping the Antennae Up: How Listening In The Library Improves The UX

"Keeping the Antennae Up: How Listening In The Library Improves The UX." Designing Better Libraries / StevenB.
Philadelphia: Designing Better Libraries, July 13th 2011.

"The best thing about listening to the user community is that it is something any library worker can do. No special training is needed. There are no listening workshops. The more staff members we can enlist to think of themselves as individual listening posts the better positioned the library is to both discover what’s broken and quickly fix and detect ideas for new services. When an undergraduate walks up to the reference desk and asks the librarian on duty why it’s not possible to send a text message from the library catalog, the antennae should start buzzing and the ideas should start flowing. If we do a good job of picking up the signals, there is no end to the ways in which we can enhance the library experience for our community members."

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Friday, July 15, 2011

In Lean Times, Schools Squeeze Out Librarians

"In Lean Times, Schools Squeeze Out Librarians." The New York Times / Fernanda Santos.
New York: New York Times Online,

Friday At the Library

Hiram College

Save Our Libraries, Fire the Librarians

"Save Our Libraries, Fire the Librarians." News Leader / Mike Thompson & Amelia Island.
Fernandina Beach, Florida: News Leader Online, June 27th 2011.

"Nonetheless, as so often is the nature of government, our local stewards are ignoring the real problem: It is not the perfectly good Fernandina Beach downtown library building that needs to be replaced, but the self-styled "Radical Militant" Fernandina Beach librarians who must go. Pronto.
Because commissioners collectively have failed to perform the one simple and basic function of government (to use "due diligence" before spending taxpayers' money), documented here are a few powerful and shocking reasons to root out of our library system those brazen, self-proclaimed Radical Militants who posture as mild-mannered, shushing librarians:
Reason 1: Our library is corrupted by the far-left ALA"

Uhhh, yikes. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Revolution is Coming

Amy Buckland

Is a Bookless Library Still a Library?

"Is a Bookless Library Still a Library?" Time / Tim Newcomb.
New York: Time Online, July 11th 2011.

The short answer, yes, but books still largely advised by this Bookpusher.

Poster Cabaret

Shake a Leg / Invisible Creature
Poster Cabaret is the online poster shop for Sebastien Foster, an indie art Business in Texas.

Mmmm, I like dis!

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5 Conversations [About Libraries] I Don't Want To Have Anymore

"5 Conversations [About Libraries] I Don't Want To Have Anymore." The Adventures of Library Girl / Jennifer LaGarde.
North Carolina: The Adventures of Library Girl, June 28th 2011.

Open Wonderful New Worlds

The Sound of Libraries Suffocating

"The Sound of Libraries Suffocating." Santa Maria Times / Editorial.
California: Santa Maria Times Online, July 5th 2011.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Are You a Level-Six Leader?

"Are You a Level-Six Leader?" HBS Working Knowledge / Mitch Maidique.
Cambridge: Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, July 6th 2011.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Without Libraries, We're Powerless

"Without Libraries, We're Powerless." Windsor Times / Shawna Sharp.
Windsor, Ontario: Windsor Times Online, July 5th 2011.

"These are centres of learning, not only for kids or teens. The library is a centre of learning for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race or the amount of income they have."

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Confronting the Future: Strategic Visions for the 21st-Century Public Library

Confronting the Future: Strategic Visions for the 21st-Century Public Library / ALA Office for Information Technology Policy.
America: ALA, June 2011.

"••People—People are the library’s greatest advantage.  The library’s staff of professionals are available to provide unbiased service to individuals at no charge and often with little or no delay. They have no commercial or political incentives affecting their advice, adhere to a professional code of ethics, and generally are experts in one or more segments of the library’s collections. They play an active role in creating the collections; in arranging for speakers, convening events, and organizing exhibits; in selecting technology to meet user needs and offering training in its use; in organizing services to meet user needs; and in general, in fashioning the library to serve its patrons and its community. These professionals will serve as the library’s driving force for adaptive change.
•• Place—Most libraries offer the advantage of place— physical facilities that are quiet, private, and  comfortable for reading and reflection, as well as meeting places for small or large groups. These facilities exist today in many libraries throughout the country, representing a valuable physical infrastructure.
•• Price—Virtually all public libraries provide services to their patrons at no charge, a price that it is difficult for their commercial competitors to meet, except with the help of advertisements."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Talk I Meant to Give

"The Talk I Meant to Give." In Forming Thoughts / Amy Buckland.
Montreal: In Forming Thoughts, June 26th 2011.

"...but when i think of librarians as thought leaders, i think of…revolutionaries.
believing in access to information as a human right means fighting for our communities. fighting to make sure the digital divide continues to shrink. fighting for privacy for our users. fighting against the entire concept of censorship. and lately, fighting for libraries.
so this is my call to arms. librarians are revolutionaries, and society needs us. and no i don’t mean killing all the things with fire.
true thought leaders, true revolutionaries, are willing to overthrow the system, or join it, if that’s what works best for their community."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Libraries: Information & Knowledge Spaces

"Libraries: Information & Knowledge Spaces." Huffington Post / Carla Leitao.
New York: Huffington Post Online, June 23rd 2011.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Street Librarian

"Meet Portland's Street Librarian." The Portland Mercury / Allison Hallett.
Portland, Oregon: The Portland Mercury Online, June 22nd 2011.

"When I went down to investigate, I met Laura Moulton, who handed me a business card reading "Street Librarian," and explained that she recently received a RACC grant to fund a project called Street Books, a mobile library that provides books for the homeless. (Or "people living outside," to use the website's wording.) The bike-powered library has a small trailer full of 40-odd books—an impressively diverse collection skewing slightly toward regional authors (Jim Lynch, Benjamin Parzybok, Kevin Sampsell, Tom Robbins)."

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Librarians in the US from 1880-2009

"Librarians in the US from 1880-2009." OUPblog / Sydney Beveridge, Susan Weber & Andrew A. Beveridge.
Oxford: Oxford University Press Blog, June 20th 2011.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Public Libraries Fight to Stay Relevant in Digital Age

"Public Libraries Fight to Stay Relevant in Digital Age." Christian Science Monitor /
Boston: Christian Science Monitor Online, June 27th 2011.

"According to a recent ALA report issued by Mr. Inouye's office, it is vital that libraries adapt to the shift in how patrons seek resources.
"The purely physical library is no longer strategically realistic," the report reads, adding that while most public libraries are maintaining their physical branches, they are increasingly being drawn toward the "virtual endpoint."

In addition to making technological strides, librarians are stressing the many free resources available to patrons. With more adults out of work and money tight, the library is a place where people can conduct employment search efforts and even continue with leisurely endeavors."

Monday, June 27, 2011

Libraries Adapt to Meet Demands of Internet Age

"Libraries Adapt to Meet Demands of Internet Age." Reuters / Richard Chang.
London: Reuters Online, June 23rd 2011.

""The whole thing about the silent shushing librarian is no longer a reality," said Nader Qaimari, of Cengage Learning, which provides teaching and learning materials to educational institutions and libraries.
"The new librarian has been on Facebook or Twitter longer than you or I have. They're the most socially connected people I've ever met."
With so much information online, librarians have become free guides to learning and are often the first people job seekers turn to if they have no computer at home. During the recession libraries have become centers for career counseling, financial literacy and small business development. ...
A 2010 study by the nonprofit OCLC Online Computer Library Center found that Americans hit by the recession are 50 percent more likely to visit their library at least weekly and are nearly a third more likely to visit at least once a month.
"Eighty-one percent of economically impacted Americans have a library card compared to 68 percent of Americans who have not been impacted," the report said."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Infographic: Anatomy of a Librarian

"Infographic: Anatomy of a Librarian." Marianne Lenox: Gadabout Library Trainer / Marianne Lenox.
Alabama: Marianne Lenox: Gadabout Library Trainer, May 11th 2011.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Libraries Under Threat -- It's Not Fine!

"Libraries Under Threat -- It's Not Fine!" Doorway / calneeagle.
Chippenham, Wiltshire: Doorway Online, January 29th 2011.

See Also:
Overdue! The Fight to Save our Libraries Begins

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday At the Library

The Problem Is Not the Homeless

"The Problem Is Not the Homeless: People Living with Substandard Housing Are in Need of Innovative Library Service." Library Journal / John N. Berry.
New York: Library Journal Online, June 15th 2011.

"Hardly someone else’s problem, homelessness is prevalent and even more persistent owing to the recession. “We are continuing to see increased numbers of people experience homelessness due to the economy and the foreclosure crisis. Right now, there is an upward trend,” says Whitney Gent, development and communications director of the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. Libraries, Gent contends, can do more. “Libraries are information spaces so they can serve a key role in helping people find resources to end their homelessness or to prevent it.” "

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Library Succession Planning

Library Succession Planning: Findings & Recommendations / Library Succession Planning Group.
America: Department of Justice Libraries, c2007.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Communities Stand Behind Librarians Facing Layoffs

"Communities Stand Behind Librarians Facing Layoffs." The Huffington Post /
New York: The Huffington Post Online, June 13th 2011.

"As budget constraints continue to endanger school library programs, Assistant Commissioner [for the Colorado State Library Eugene] Hainer encourages communities not to give up the fight. "I think this is a critical issue for our country -- [libraries are] essential," he insists. "We can't lose this resource."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Job Satisfaction 2011 / Library Journal

"LJ 2011 Job Satisfaction Survey | Rocked By Recession, Buoyed By Service." Library Journal / Rebecca Miller.
New York: Library Journal Online, June 1st 2011.

"Those who are satisfied are sustained by doing public good and the relationships and human interactions involved in serving their constituencies. Across all library types, 49 percent of respondents agreed that their chief satisfaction is helping users and working with the public. “Each day I get to help people in a thousand different ways,” one public librarian noted. “By helping them, I learn and grow as a human being. It is as simple as that.”

Why I Need My High School Library

Monday, June 13, 2011

Librarians Necessary

"Librarians Necessary." The Intelligencer / Colin Mackay.
Belleville, Ontrio: The Intelligencer Online, June 2nd 2011.

"How to access information, evaluate its authenticity and then use it for research is a skill needed by all students. The teacher librarian has a huge role to play by teaching students how to acquire these necessary skills.
Teaching children that the Internet is a gateway to information is important but it is also essential students realize many Internet sites are inaccurate. Many Internet sites are not edited properly and do not have simple checks and balances that published books must have.
The teacher librarian can teach students to become proficiently selective. A teacher librarian will be particularly familiar with this and help kids move past the cut and paste of Wikipedia.
Teacher librarians are critical because, as many studies show, they enhance students' skills in research and the use of information technology, valuable skills in a today's society.
Studies have also shown that having a teacher librarian improves reading abilities and in turn achievement on standardized test scores.
So if everybody knows this helps students achieve proper skills and higher test scores why are teacher librarians numbers dwindling?"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Abandoned Detroit Public Library

Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Friday, June 10, 2011

Serendipity is Not Quantifiable

"Serendipity is Not Quantifiable." Tinfoil Raccoon / Rochelle Hartman.
Bloomington, IL: Tinfoil Raccoon, June 7th 2011.

"I got a reference question from a young man yesterday, the likes of which is not on the sheet of tracked reference questions. It was so simple that I was able to answer it off the top of my head. And it was so amazing that it made my heart nearly burst with joy. This is the first week of summer vacation, so we've had a lot of young people in the library. He looked to be high school-aged, but could have been in college. His question?  "Do you have a poetry section?" Since he was student-aged and a boy, I assumed this was a forced march for him, so I asked him if he was looking for something in particular--maybe even a particular poem (which I would have tried to Google for him). "No, I just want to browse."  Just. Want. To. Browse...Poetry?  I kept my cool. I probably smiled a little too broadly, but calmly directed him to 811 and let him do what libraries have let patrons do for decades: provide him with the non-commercial experience of leisurely browsing and discovery."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Last Hug For High School Librarian

"A Last Hug For High School Librarian." Windsor Star / Emily Tremblay.
Windsor, ON: The Windsor Star Online, June 8th 2011.

"Today was our librarian, Mrs. Delbello's, last day of school. She was laid off by the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board.
I go to F.J. Brennan high school. After Catholic Education Week, we the students learned that practically all of our librarians were going to be laid off. Many of us were devastated."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Millennial Librarians: Who They Are & How They Are Different from the Rest of Us

"Millennial Librarians: Who They Are & How They Are Different from the Rest of Us." ACRL / Jenny Emanuel.
Philadelphia: Association of College & Research Libraries, April 2011.

"Now that NextGen librarianship has matured, a new generation of Millennials is starting to become librarians, who are the Millennials. No scholarly studies in the library literature have yet to critically examine the traits of the Millennials, how to recruit and retain them to the profession, and the traits they are bringing to librarianship.
Academic librarians have discussed the Millennial generation as students for several years now. However, the same students are now choosing careers and some are choosing academic librarianship. Now is the time to stop looking at the Millennials as students and start seeing them as career entrants to librarianship. The library profession needs to start looking at how its culture can accept and grow new librarians who are members of the Millennial generation and stop looking at them only as students using library services and resources."

Monday, June 6, 2011

An Open Book

"An Open Book." The Guardian / Leo Benedictus.
London: The Guardian Online, March 7th 2009.

"Despite the pressures on her time, however, this traditional face-to-face work is still something she particularly enjoys. "It's that idea of librarianship being like a detective role," she explains, her eyes lighting up. "People come to you wanting to find information, and you are able - hopefully - to help them track it down in places, perhaps, that they wouldn't know to look. Or in ways that they wouldn't know how to look."
One slight regret I sense from her, however, is that there is so little understanding out there of what librarians do - or how useful they are. "I think most people think it's probably quite a nice job," she says. "I think they imagine you sit in a room full of really nice interesting books and you get to read them, and help the odd person. I don't think they realise quite how busy it gets, or how much pressure you feel under." "

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Wish I could embed Sail video by AWOLNATION.

Wicked track!

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Special Reference

But why is that poor girl being held hostage?