Monday, June 13, 2011

Librarians Necessary

"Librarians Necessary." The Intelligencer / Colin Mackay.
Belleville, Ontrio: The Intelligencer Online, June 2nd 2011.

"How to access information, evaluate its authenticity and then use it for research is a skill needed by all students. The teacher librarian has a huge role to play by teaching students how to acquire these necessary skills.
Teaching children that the Internet is a gateway to information is important but it is also essential students realize many Internet sites are inaccurate. Many Internet sites are not edited properly and do not have simple checks and balances that published books must have.
The teacher librarian can teach students to become proficiently selective. A teacher librarian will be particularly familiar with this and help kids move past the cut and paste of Wikipedia.
Teacher librarians are critical because, as many studies show, they enhance students' skills in research and the use of information technology, valuable skills in a today's society.
Studies have also shown that having a teacher librarian improves reading abilities and in turn achievement on standardized test scores.
So if everybody knows this helps students achieve proper skills and higher test scores why are teacher librarians numbers dwindling?"