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National Library of Finland

Funding Pinch Unbalances Books

"Funding Pinch Unbalances Books." Buffalo News / Mark Sommer.
Buffalo: Buffalo News Online, February 25th 2011.

"In a city like Buffalo -- with high levels of poverty, illiteracy and school dropouts -- the last thing that should be happening is squeezing library budgets to unsustainable levels, she said.   
Thomas is still upset that the Teen Room in the Central Library -- a haven for youngsters without safe alternatives after school -- was closed in December because of belt-tightening.
"Libraries are the only place I can think of that offer a level playing field. Everybody gets to go, no matter how little you have, no matter how much you have," Susan A. Thomas, chairwoman of the library's board of trustees said."

Library Protest

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Library Membership

Who's Killing the Dewey Decimal System?

"Who's Killing the Dewey Decimal System?" Chicago Tribune / Robert McCoppin.
Chicago: The Chicago Tribune Online, February 18th 2011.

"A handful of pioneering suburban libraries are transitioning from the librarian-loved but misunderstood Dewey to the type of organization system used by booksellers. The new layout groups books by subject rather than number, uses signs to highlight contemporary, popular categories, and displays books by their covers.
Critics say the new system is a nightmare for anyone trying to find a specific book that doesn't fit into an obvious category. Supporters counter that the system does what libraries should be doing: encourage people to read more books."

Friday At the Library

Egypt's Jewel of A Library Reopens, Thanks to Demonstrators

"Egypt's Jewel of A Library Reopens, Thanks to Demonstrators." National Public Radio / Selena Simmons-Duffin.
America: NPR Online, February 24th 2011.

"And the library's director, Ismail Serageldin says that in all the protests, not a stone was thrown at the library, and not a pane of glass was broken.
"What happened was pure magic," he says. "People from within the demonstrations broke out of the demonstrations and simply linked hands, and they said 'This is our library. Don't touch it.' ...
In fact, Serageldin says he believes that the library, by promoting tolerance and freedom of expression, also contributed to the intellectual climate that led to Mubarak's eventual overthrow."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Library Advocacy Now! A Training Program for Public Library Staff & Trustees

Library Advocacy Now! A Training Program for Public Library Staff & Trustees / Canadian Association of Public Libraries.
Ottawa: CAPL, 2009.

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"There are almost 3 times as many public libraries in Canada than McDonald's restaurants - 3153 libraries, including branches."

101 Reasons To Love Your Library

101 Reasons to Love Your Library / Woodbury Public Library Adult Services.
Connecticut: Spiel269, c.2011.

"101.  It’s all FREE!"

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McGill University Library Circulation Desk

Canadian Library Statistics Bibliography

Canadian Library Statistics Bibliography / Library & Archives Canada.
Ottawa: Library & Archives Canada, January 2007.

Shelf Life: How the Toronto Public Library Deals With Complaints

"Shelf Life: How the Toronto Public Library Deals With Complaints." National Post / Paul Terefenko.
Toronto: National Post Online, February 15th 2011.

"What is a little unusual is what’s been targeted. There’s no Twain. No Vonnegut, Bradbury, Salinger or Lee. Even the Harry Potter series, with its heavy occult imagery, didn’t make the cut. Instead, the naughty nine were comprised of children’s and teen fiction, graphic novels, a Vanity Fair magazine article, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno DVD and a book on being a Chartered Financial Analyst."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Mobile Library Service in South Asia

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Column I: The Health of Libraries

"Column I: The Health of Libraries." The State of Publishing / Ben Shattuck.
America: Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency, 2011.

"Then why do we still need libraries and not just PCs and a search bar? Why, again, are library cards still important? The Internet is a swamp of misinformation. There's no doubt it's a valuable research tool, but it can be incredibly difficult to navigate through what's credible information and what's not. As Ms. Reardon said, "The web has a lot of stuff, but I think what we're doing here is honing in on a very specific type of information that people look for." Libraries are still the guides and keepers of credible information, whether that information has been scanned, downloaded, or printed."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Stealth Librarianship Manifesto

"A Stealth Librarianship Manifesto." Confessions of A Science Librarian / John Dupuis.
Toronto: Confessions of a Science Librarian, February 10th 2011.

"Stealth librarianship is a way of being. ... to thrive and survive in a challenging environment, we must subtly and not-so-subtly insinuate ourselves into the lives of our patrons. We must concentrate on becoming part of their world, part of their landscape. ... This is based on hope and promise, not despair."

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Forecasts & Futurism

"Forecasts & Futurism." Cites & Insights / Walt Crawford.
California: Cites & Insights 11.3, March 2011.

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Rewriting the Book On Libraries

"Rewriting the Book On Libraries." Adam Smith Institute / Eamonn Butler.
UK:, February 5th 2011.

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It's Working / MGMT

2011's 11 Crucial Trends

"2011's 11 Crucial Trends." American Libraries / Sean Fitzpatrick.
Chicago: American Libraries Magazine Online, December 1st 2010.

"11. Owner-less

According to Trendwatching, access is more important than ownership in 2011. This one is a natural opportunity for libraries. Most of the materials libraries lend and services they offer are far too expensive for most consumers to afford. From books and DVDs to databases, videogame platforms, and even ad hoc office or meeting spaces, libraries can offer serious benefits in an ownerless society."

Social Media & Library Trends for 2011

"Social Media & Library Trends for 2011." Social Networking Librarian / Anna Laura.
America: :SocialNetworkingLibrarian, December 21st 2010.

In Defence of the Threatened Public Library

"In Defence of the Threatened Public Library." The Courier / Norman Watson.
Scotland: The Courier Online, February 9th 2011.

"In 35 years of journalism I've lost count of the times politicians, business or civic leaders told me they learned their trade not at school, college or university, but by browsing in libraries."

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Are Libraries Finished? 5 Arguments For & Against

"Are Libraries Finished? 5 Arguments For & Against." BBC News / Peter Jackson.
UK: BBC News Online, February 4th 2011.

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Why You Need to Do Sh** That Scares You

"Why You Need to Do Sh** That Scares You." Nerd Fitness / Steve Kamb.
Atlanta: Nerd Fitness, January 20th 2011.

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Alexandria Youth 'Protecting Library From Looters'

"Alexandria Youth 'Protecting Library From Looters'." The Guardian / Benedicte Page.
UK: The Guardian Online, February 1st 2011.

"In a statement on the library's site, Ismail Serageldin tells "friends around the world" that the library is being protected by the city's youth from the threat of looting by the "lawless bands of thugs, and maybe agents provocateurs" who have materialised since the popular protests sweeping through Egypt's major cities began several days ago."