Friday, July 15, 2011

Save Our Libraries, Fire the Librarians

"Save Our Libraries, Fire the Librarians." News Leader / Mike Thompson & Amelia Island.
Fernandina Beach, Florida: News Leader Online, June 27th 2011.

"Nonetheless, as so often is the nature of government, our local stewards are ignoring the real problem: It is not the perfectly good Fernandina Beach downtown library building that needs to be replaced, but the self-styled "Radical Militant" Fernandina Beach librarians who must go. Pronto.
Because commissioners collectively have failed to perform the one simple and basic function of government (to use "due diligence" before spending taxpayers' money), documented here are a few powerful and shocking reasons to root out of our library system those brazen, self-proclaimed Radical Militants who posture as mild-mannered, shushing librarians:
Reason 1: Our library is corrupted by the far-left ALA"

Uhhh, yikes.