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Organizational Change: The Dirty Little Secret

"Organizational Change: The Dirty Little Secret." Library Networking Group / Michael Ridley.
America: Wide Angle, ©2007-.

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"Design*Sponge is a daily website dedicated to home and product design run by Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney. Launched in August of 2004, Design*Sponge was declared a “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials” (NY Times, 2008)"

Chic, & useful!

Elements of Wholeness




Just 3 examples -- endearing, hilarious, cute, & more!

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"Northshore." Sainthood / Tegan & Sara

Libraries Need Investment to Thrive

"Libraries Need Investment to Thrive." The Guardian / John Harris.
UK; The Guardian UK Online, August 24th 2010.

"The subject is our public libraries – which, to read the accompanying coverage, are in danger of falling into dusty decline. Apparently, only 12.8% of us made a monthly habit of visiting our local library last year, and just 40% of us went there at least once. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)  reckons that the number of weekly visitors to libraries has fallen by 32% in five years."

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The Public Library: An Evolving 'Go To' Place

"The Public Library: An Evolving 'Go To' Place." Town News / Rebecca Karpoff.
New Jersey: North Jersey Town News Online, August 26th 2010.
"Supported by the taxpayers, libraries are actually monuments to the concept of equal opportunity for all who enter their doors...Both libraries and bookstores are concerned about customer service and satisfaction and are proud of their friendly staff. Excellent customer service in bookstores is expected to create revenue. On the other hand, excellent customer service in public libraries is expected to enrich lives...Libraries provide many things that bookstores cannot, from the personalized research help from trained professionals to programs for the public and a place for minds and souls to grow. Even with the Internet and bookstores, libraries are still thriving and are being used more than ever before. In the past few years, the Paramus Public Library has almost doubled its number of users. Libraries survived the fires at Alexandria, flourished with the help of Carnegie, and now revel in the new age of technology. Librarianship, the fuel for free public libraries, thrives on information, preservation, and circulation of knowledge to all. And it always will."

Courtney Love's Looney Librarian Look / E! Online

What Next for the Local Library?

"What Next for the Local Library?" BBC News / Will Gompertz.
UK: BBC News Online, August 27th 2010.

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You Are the Future

Obligations & Opportunities

Public Libraries: Enablers of Americans' Dreams

"Public Libraries: Enablers of Americans' Dreams." Seattle Times / Neil Peirce.
Seattle: The Seattle Times Online, August 22nd 2010.
"The silver lining for communities, note library sources, is that threats of actual branch closures create such a strong pushback that most communities compromise with cuts that go no further than constriction in staff or branches."

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Does Finland Have the Best Public Libraries?

"Does Finland Have the Best Public Libraries?" LibEcon Newsletter 6 / Information Society Technologies.
Global: European Library Statistics, 2004.

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Books Have Many Futures

"Books Have Many Futures." National Public Radio  / Linton Weeks.
America: NPR Online, August 20th 2010.

"Dan Visel, a founder of the appropriately named Institute for the Future of the Book, points out that, first of all, a "book" can mean many things: A cookbook, a comic book, a history book and an electronic book are all animals of different stripes.
This product image provided by shows the new Kindle 3 reader.
"It would be a mistake to think that these various forms have a single, unified future," Visel says. "Rather, I think it's more appropriate to say that there are futures of the book." He sees some books, such as romances and thrillers, migrating easily to an electronic form.
Other types of books are not only meant to be read, but meant to be seen: Like when a New York subway rider whips out a copy of Going Rogue by Sarah Palin. "That sort of book largely has value as social display," Visel says."

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What Prisoners Are Reading at Gitmo

"What Prisoners Are Reading at Gitmo." Time / Kayla Webley.
Washington: Time Online, Friday August 20th 2010.
"Officers at the facility say that, over time, the library has improved rapport between the guards and the detainees, and has made the inmates more cooperative. "It has eased the environment a bit," Collett told TIME from the converted double-wide trailer on the Guantánamo compound that houses the library. "It's not fancy," he said of the space. "This is not the New York Public Library — there are no big lions out front." But the detainees aren't looking for grandeur. "When you live in the kind of environment they live in, change is what you look forward to every day," Collett said. "When the library comes on the block it's exciting, especially if you've got a book they requested — then you are the hero of the day."

Mmmm… Libraries — Simpsons Library Quotes

"Mmmm… Libraries — Simpsons Library Quotes." Dewey & Main / Charles Lyons.
Buffalo: Dewey & Main, July 18th 2007.

Hoarding Reference

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Good On Ya, Zach Galifianakis!

"Zach Galifianakis is a Story Time Star." Wilkes Journal Patriot / Charles S. Williams.
North Carolina: Wilkes Journal Patriot Online, August 18th 2010.
"He opened by telling the crowd, "Books and reading are so very important because they tell stories and let you interpret the story instead of television forcing things on you and movies telling you how to think. Books allow you to think on your own, so they are very important."

Traditional Buddhist Blessing and Healing Chant

Just as the soft rains fill the streams,
pour into the rivers and join together in the oceans,
so may the power of every moment of your goodness
flow forth to awaken and heal all beings,
Those here now, those gone before, those yet to come.

By the power of every moment of your goodness
May your heart's wishes be soon fulfilled
as completely shining as the bright full moon,
as magically as by a wish-fulfilling gem.

By the power of every moment of your goodness
May all dangers be averted and all disease be gone.
May no obstacle come across your way.
May you enjoy fulfillment and long life.

For all in whose heart dwells respect,
who follow the wisdom and compassion, of the Way,
May your life prosper in the four blessings
of old age, beauty, happiness and strength.

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Hang In There

The Information Literate Person

How Libraries Ensure Ongoing Freedom in America

Library Closings / Jeff Parker
"How Libraries Ensure Ongoing Freedom in America." Politically Illustrated / Martha Randolph Carr.
Seattle:, July 26th 2010.
"Libraries made it possible for those who couldn’t afford an expensive education to still be able to gain access to a rich wealth of information. There have even been studies in recent years that show a correlation between an active and healthy library and a lower crime rate in a neighborhood."

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This Struck Me Today

Share your stories!

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33 Reasons Why Libraries & Librarians are Still Extremely Important

"33 Reasons Why Libraries & Librarians are Still Extremely Important." Degree Tutor / Will Sherman.
America:, 2007.
"Society is not ready to abandon the library, and it probably won't ever be. Libraries can adapt to social and technological changes, but they can't be replaced. While libraries are distinct from the internet, librarians are the most suited professionals to guide scholars and citizens toward a better understanding of how to find valuable information online. Indeed, a lot of information is online. But a lot is still on paper. Instead of regarding libraries as obsolete, state and federal governments should increase funding for improved staffing and technology. Rather than lope blindly through the digital age, guided only by the corporate interests of web economics, society should foster a culture of guides and guideposts. Today, more than ever, libraries and librarians are extremely important for the preservation and improvement of our culture."

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Borrowed Time

"Borrowed Time: How Do You Build a Public Library in the Age of Google?" Slate Magazine / Witold Rybczynski.
Washington: Slate Online, February 2008.

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I Like Clouds

Rippling Sun Up / Brandon Drayton
Ottawa: August 2010.

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A Bookfuturist Manifesto

"A Bookfuturist Manifesto." The Atlantic / Tim Carmody.
Washington: The Atlantic Online, August 11th 2010.
"Bookfuturism turns out to be not just about books as such, but a kind of aesthetic and culture of reading, literacy, history, in connection with (only rarely in opposition to) other kinds of media culture. And reading here would also obviously include newspapers and magazines, and even things like maps and advertisements and data visualizations, plus whatever's displayed on the different screens most of us look at all day at home or work. What does it mean to live in this hyperliterate world? How do we make sense of it?"

Dare to Be Remarkable

Libraries Lose More Than Time

"Libraries Lose More Than Time." Governing / Tod Newcombe.
Washington: Governing Urban Notebook, August 2010.
"Heading into the second decade of the 21st century, the urban library has become America's knowledge center. "The problem is that many leaders think of libraries as they existed in the 1960s and '70s," says Susan Benton, CEO of the Urban Libraries Council. One idea the council would like local officials to consider is the notion of the urban library as a magnet for economic development."

The Best Advice On Finding A Librarian Job From Around The Web

"The Best Advice On Finding A Librarian Job From Around The Web." LISNews / Blake Carver.
Ohio:, August 10th 2010.

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"Librarians." Occupational Outlook Handbook / Bureau of Labor Statistics.
America: OOH United States Dept of Labor, 2010-2011.


Ha! This one cracks me up.

Museum of the Internet

The Horror!

Canadian Librarian Leads Worldwide Digital Revolt for Free Knowledge

"Canadian Librarian Leads Worldwide Digital Revolt for Free Knowledge." The Star / Lesley Ciarula Taylor.
Toronto: The Toronto Star Online, August 10th 2010.
"It began when an academic database proposed increasing the fee it charges the University of Prince Edward Island by 120 per cent.
Mark Leggott snapped.
“The world’s knowledge is increasingly being held to ransom and available only to those who can pay the fees,” Leggott told the Star on Tuesday. 
He announced in a campus-wide letter that as chief librarian he had cancelled UPEI’s subscription to Web of Science and was launching “an effort to create a free and open index to the world’s scholarly literature called ‘Knowledge For All’.”

Libraries More Than Books

"Libraries More Than Books." Western Wheel / Sheelagh Matthews.
Alberta : Okotoks Western Wheel Online, August 6th 2010.
"They are about people and community. They are about culture and heritage. They are about learning and sharing. If you have ever wondered what supports, preserves and cherishes all that concerns a local community, wonder no more. For it is, more often than not, a local library. It’s rather amazing when you stop to think about it."

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Library Limbo

What is the Future of the Library?

Cookie Monster Visits the Library

The Lady Gaga Sittings for Vanity Fair

Jupiter Protecting Aries

Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, guarding Aries like a big, burly bodyguard.

Where Do We Lose the Shelf Space & How Much Do We Lose?

"Where Do We Lose the Shelf Space & How Much Do We Lose?" The Idea Logical Company / Mike Shatzkin.
New York:, August 8th 2010.
"This is a bit like trying to do a weather forecast based on one’s confident knowledge of climate change. The two are related but there are local factors in addition to global ones."

5 Ways That Paper Books Are Better Than eBooks

"5 Ways That Paper Books Are Better Than eBooks." Read Write Web / Richard MacManus.
New Zealand: Read Write Web, August 11th 2010.

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Teaching Strategies for the Net Generation

"Teaching Strategies for the Net Generation." Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal / Ron Berk.
America: Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal, 3(2), 1-23, 2009.

I Believe In A Thing Called Blog

In The Library With A Lead Pipe / Derik Badman, Brett Bonfiled, Ellie Collier et al.
America: October 2008-.

Heaven on Earth

My Word, the ceilings...

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Pope Benedict Wanted to Be A Librarian

"Pope Benedict Wanted to Be A Librarian." The Telegraph / Simon Caldwell.
London: The Telegraph Online, August 5th 2010.

Farewell, Libraries?

"Farewell, Libraries?" Newsweek / Malcolm Jones.
Washington: Newsweek Online, August 5th 2010.

"Walking to the Library is still the most eco-friendly way to read"

Hear, hear!

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Friday at the Library

Consultant Beginning Study on Library

"Consultant Beginning Study on Library." Dothan Eagle / Debbie Ingram.
Florida: Dothan Eagle Online,August 6th 2010.
"A library is an economic development tool, a recruitment mechanism and a qualify of life issue."

Library to Throw the Book at Scofflaws

"Library to Throw the Book at Scofflaws." Vancouver Sun / Kim Westad.
Vancouver: The Vancouver Sun Online, August 5th 2010.

scoff-law Noun: A person who flouts the law, esp. by failing to comply with a law that is difficult to enforce effectively.

Libraries Branch Out Into Job-Hunting Centers

"Libraries Branch Out Into Job-Hunting Centers." San Francisco Chronicle / Carolyn Said.
San Francisco: SF Gate Online, August 1st 2010.
"Libraries have risen to the challenge, holding classes on resume writing and job interviewing, subscribing to specialized job databases, offering online prep courses for civil service and other exams, amassing materials on starting businesses, creating Web sites on career development and even offering free career counseling. Recently, the nation's libraries agreed to collaborate with the US Dept of Labor to more effectively help job seekers.
Last year, 30 million people reported turning to their public library for help in their job quest, 6.9 million did some job-related training at library computers and 3.7 million found work using a library computer.
"There's a hunger out there for information on job hunting," said Luis Herrera, city librarian."

Domino Effect

"Domino Effect: Tipping Shelves Send 25,000 Books Onto Floor at ISU’s Main Library." The Tribune Star / Sue Loughlin.
Indiana: TribStar Online, August 5th 2010.

How Libraries Stack Up

How Libraries Stack Up 2010 / Online Computer Library Center.
America: OCLC, 2010.
"2.8 million times every month business owners & employees use resources at public libraries to support their small businesses"

Important! Urgent Even!

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Shush Gets a Nod

"Not What You Think!" Random Musings From the Desert / Ruth Kneale.
Tucson, Arizona: Random Musings from the Desert, July 13th 2010.
"amusingly-named blog"
Thanks, Ruth!

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Om Mani Padme Hum

When you need to centre yourself & infuse your energy with compassion.

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Reference Books Slowly Being Phased Out of Libraries

"Reference Books Slowly Being Phased Out of Libraries." The Toronto Star / Jasmeet Sidhu.
Toronto: The Star Online, July 27th 2010.

Searching a Card Catalog

"Searching a Card Catalog." ObsoleteSkills / Robert Scoble.
America:, updated July 29th 2010.
"Use of the retaining rods for swordplay, while a way to break up the tedium of searching, was not appreciated by library staff."

Dandelions: Nature's Weed Warriors

Awful Library Books on Jimmy Kimmel

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Be Water, My Friend


Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age

"Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age." The New York Times / Trip Gabriel.
New York: The New York Times Online, August 1st 2010.
"And at the University of Maryland, a student reprimanded for copying from Wikipedia in a paper on The Great Depression said he thought its entries — unsigned and collectively written — did not need to be credited since they counted, essentially, as common knowledge."
Makes for a very interesting discussion indeed.

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A Librarian's 2.0 Manifesto

Beautiful Book Art

Death Collectors by Artistico on Etsy.

How to Use a Library

How to Use a Library / TV411.
Newton, Massachusetts: Adult Literacy Media Alliance, 2010.

Trust Online: Young Adults’ Evaluation of Web Content

Trust Online: Young Adults’ Evaluation of Web Content / Eszter Hargitta et al.
Los Angeles: International Journal of Communication, 2010 (4) 468-494.
"Only 10% of the students made mention of the site's author or that author's credentials while completing tasks. However, in reviewing the screen-capture footage of those respondents, the researchers found that even in this supposedly savvy minority, none actually followed through to verify the identification or qualifications of the site's authors."

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Hoot: The Owl's Shush