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Radical Militant Librarian

This is tattooed on my ass.

St. Louis Mercantile Library

Browse the Artifacts of Geek History in Jay Walker's Library

"Browse the Artifacts of Geek History in Jay Walker's Library." Wired / Steven Levy
San Francisco: Wired Online, September 22nd 2008.

Beyond jealous.

Public Libraries Nourishing the Mind

"Public Libraries Nourishing the Mind." PCWorld / Phil Shapiro.
San Franciso: PCWorld Online, July 23rd 2010.
"Recall, the mission of public libraries is to nourish the mind. As it happens, the mind lives within the human body. When the human body gets hungry, it often leaves the library. In a knowledge economy, we can't let that happen. We need all brains on deck, so to speak. To nourish the mind, you've got to nourish the body. When you're hungry, your mind starts wandering. Soon after, your body starts wandering."

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Public Library Summer Reading Programs Close the Reading Gap

"Public Library Summer Reading Programs Close the Reading Gap." Dominican University Graduate School of Library & Information Science / Susan Roman, Deborah T. Carran, & Carole D. Fiore.
Illinois: Dominican University, June 2010.

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Card Catalogue Close-Up

Boys Trail Girls in Reading; Can Fart Jokes Help?

"Boys Trail Girls in Reading; Can Fart Jokes Help?" Access Atlanta / Leanne Italie.
Atlanta: Access Atlanta Online, July 20th 2010.
"Boys have lagged behind girls in reading achievement for more than 20 years, but the gender gap now exists in nearly every state and has widened to mammoth proportions — as much as 10 percentage points in some, according to the Center on Education Policy."

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Hold On

Opportunity for All

Opportunity for All: How the American Public Benefits from Internet Access at U.S. Libraries / Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Washington: Institute of Museum & Library Sciences, 2010.

"The Report is based on the first, large-scale study of who uses public computers and Internet access in public libraries, the ways library patrons use this free technology service, why they use it, and how it affects their lives... “There is no ambiguity in these numbers. Millions of people see libraries as an essential tool to connect them to information, knowledge, and opportunities,” said Marsha Semmel, acting director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services....This report demonstrates that libraries have been a silent partner in workforce development, educational achievement, delivering health information, & bringing government services to citizens".

Centre Yourself

Because You

Can Do It!

It Is Never Too Late

To Go For It!

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Make Rocket Go Now

High Roller

I Like Clouds

Lightning Over Ottawa / Shidan Cummings.
Ottawa: July 2010.

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Information Literacy, Mmmm I like dat.


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Tess Gerritsen Talks Libraries

"Tess Gerritsen, Guest Blogger [Talks Libraries]." Lesa's Book Critiques / Lesa Holstine.
Arizona: Lesa's Book Critiques Blog, July 15th 2010.
"As for libraries? Ha! All they're good for is enriching minds, advancing education, and informing the public."
When Holstine asked Gerritsen to guest blog, she assumed the renowned author would discuss her upcoming book, Ice Cold. What she got instead was a heartfelt account on the importance of public libraries on Gerritsen's own life.   Mmmm, Shhh.

How Libraries Send Mixed Messages

"How Libraries Send Mixed Messages." The 'M' Word / Kathy Dempsey.
New Jersey: The 'M' Word - Marketing Libraries Blog, July 19th 2010.
"Something else to ponder: If people had to pay to use your library, then what would you do to bring them in? Sometimes, simply being free isn't good enough. You also need to be convenient, easy to use, truly welcoming, and worth the time to visit."

Ha Ha, Fox News: “Do We Really Need Millions for Libraries?

"Ha Ha, Fox News: “Do We Really Need Millions for Libraries?" Vanity Fair / Juli Weiner.
New York: Vanity Fair Online, July 1st 2010.

Why The Next Big Pop-Culture Wave After Cupcakes Might Be Libraries

"Why The Next Big Pop-Culture Wave After Cupcakes Might Be Libraries." NPR / Linda Holmes.
America: National Public Radio Online, July 20th 2010.
"...there's a certain ... pleasantly plucky quality to the current perception of libraries and're standing on the edge of your pop-culture moment. Librarians: prepare."

Remember, Just

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Jar of Hearts

The American Dream: From waitress to Popstar after her song featured on SYTYCD!

Southampton Librarians Postpone Strike Over Volunteers

"Southampton Librarians Postpone Strike Over Volunteers." BBC News.
London: BBC News Online, July 15th 2010.
"The librarians, who held a one-day strike on 21 June, believe volunteers lack their skill and commitment."

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Dancing Librarian

2010 Top 10 Trends in Academic Libraries

"2010 Top 10 Trends in Academic Libraries." College & Research Library News / ACRL Research Planing & Review Committee.
America: American Library Association, 2010.

Library Flash Mob

Using Library Experts Wisely

"Using Library Experts Wisely." Inside Higher Ed Career Advice  / Rob Weir.
Washington: Inside Higher Ed Online, July 16th 2010.
"Today’s librarians bear about as much resemblance to the tight-bunned owlish matrons of 1950s films as laptops do to manual typewriters. They're more like the wizened sexton of a sprawling church, the guy with the giant ring of keys who unlocks every door, closet, and coffer. Library specialists routinely direct us to data bases, DVDs, digitized archival material, recordings, hidden stacks, and journals we had no idea even existed. I am in awe of their expertise."

New Spice Study Like A Scholar

'Kay, New Spice kicks Old Spice's Ass.  See video below.

Go On

Books & Literacy in the Digital Age

"Books & Literacy in the Digital Age." American Libraries / Ralph Raab.
America: American Libraries Online, July 13th 2010.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We Still Need Libraries in the Digital Age

"We Still Need Libraries in the Digital Age." The Guardian / Ian Clark.
Manchester: The Guardian Online, July 13th 2010.
"Public libraries provide a key role in both facilitating access to information via the internet, as well as providing free internet access to bridge the digital divide, which does not only exist between industrialised and developing nations."

Great Library Blog Name

I Was Told There'd Be Cake / Coquitlam Public Library.
British Columbia: March 2010-.

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Old Spice Guy Promotes Libraries. No, really.

Big Shots

Big shots are only little shots who keep on shooting.
Christoper Morley

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Hipper Crowd of Shushers

"A Hipper Crowd of Shushers." The New York Times / Kara Jesella.
New York: The New York Times Online, July 8th 2007.
“Sorry if I talk in Dewey.”

Those Who Know, Do Not Speak

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Tao Te Ching / Lao Tzu

The Library: Not What You Think

Librarian's Answers Come by the Books

"Librarian's Answers Come by the Books." Daytona Beach News Journal / Dinah Voyles Pulver.
Florida: Daytona Beach News Journal Online, July 12th 2010.

"He loves books and the people who read them.  "I love it," Hurley says. "It's the best job I ever had." 

Patron Saint of Librarians

Because of his life as a voluminous writer & lover of books, Saint Jerome is the patron saint for Librarians & Libraries.

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Catherine of Alexandria
Lawrence of Rome

Dating the Librarian's Daughter

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Book Necklaces

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Black Spot Books

Library Timeline


Funny what you find when you type 'weird' into a Google Images search. Ha!

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Undead, not Unread

Group of Seven Awkward Moments

Group of Seven Awkward Moments / Diana Thorneycroft.
London, Ontario: Michael Gibson Art Gallery Exhibition, 2010.

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Diana Thorneycroft

The Life of the Space: Evidence from Nova Scotia Public Libraries

"The Life of the Space: Evidence from Nova Scotia Public Libraries." EBLIP /
Alberta: Evidence Based Library & Information Practice, 5.2 2010.
"To describe aspects of the 21st century role of the public library as a physical space by observing the actual use of a selection of public libraries. This study seeks to reveal how patrons are using and experiencing these institutions as spaces and how patrons and staff characterize the role of public libraries in communities."

Stanford Ushers In The Age Of Bookless Libraries

"Stanford Ushers In The Age Of Bookless Libraries." NPR / Laura Sydell.
America: National Public Radio Online, July 8th 2010.

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Flaming Lips Live in Ottawa

This show f*cking rocked!

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