Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Long Lost Library: Living On A Budget

"The Long Lost Library: Living On A Budget." Cullman Sense / Meghan Nelson.
Cullman, AL: CullmanSense, July 14th 2011.

"At this point, you may be wondering what, exactly, the Cullman Public Library has to do with living on a budget. The answer is quite simple: it provides free book (and I was surprised to learn, movie) rentals, as well as internet and computer access.
I use 'free' in a loose manner, since the public library is funded by the government, which is, in turn, funded by us, the taxpayers. So, rather than 'free', the public library is actually more like something you are required to fund regardless of whether or not you plan to use it. When viewed in this fashion, it seems ridiculous not to take advantage of something for which you have already paid."