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'Literacy' Sucks

"'Literacy' Sucks." Sense & Reference / Wilk.
Tennessee: Sense & Reference, March 30th 2011.

"'Literacy' sucks. Not the concept, mind you. I mean the word 'literacy'. We have digital literacy, visual literacy, transliteracy, critical literacy, information literacy, scientific literacy, health literacy, computer literacy, digital literacy, media literacy....the list goes on and on. Of course, nobody colors within the lines, so there's a lot of confusion out there. This sucks."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Devolution of Public Libraries

"The Devolution of Public Libraries." Library Journal / The Annoyed Librarian.
America: Library Journal Online, March 30th 2011.

"Rather than disappear, it seems more likely that if they’re really needed public libraries will devolve into various pre-20th century forms, probably some variety of subscription library. Subscription libraries were 18th and 19th century predecessors to public libraries where citizens who wanted to read would pay a fee to a library or buy shares in order to access their books and magazines."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Re-Embracing the “Shush ”– Can the Library be a Quiet Place in the Age of Social?

"Re-Embracing the “Shush ”– Can the Library be a Quiet Place in the Age of Social?." Special Library Association Future Ready 365 / Greg Lambert.
New York: SLA Future Ready 365, January 9th 2011.

"...undergraduates at the University of Arizona loved going to the law library because they could actually get some peace and quite there and actually get some work done. While the main libraries on campus were bustling with activity, social meetings, coffee shops and other activities, the law library seems to be what we think of when we think of a traditional library… a place you are expected to be quiet."

Dude, That's Cool

Mike Stilkey

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Libraries in Japan

Japanese Librarians posting photos of Library devastation.

Where I'm Going / Cut Copy

5 Qualities Someone Interested In My Job Should Have

"5 Qualities Someone Interested In My Job Should Have." Only Connect / Alex.
Ottawa:, February 23rd 2011.

"A strong set of your own personal and professional values
: Again, this one is applicable to anyone, but especially important if you are going to be working in an environment in which you might be the only professional. Articulating your values will help you when your boundaries are challenged at work, and also help you set the standard in your workplace (hopefully), and exhibit true leadership."

Libraries: Where Shit Gets Real

"Libraries: Where Shit Gets Real." Guys Should Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses/ Cait.
Hamilton:, March 2nd 2011.

" Libraries are weird, weird places. No one ever believes me when I say that, but they really are. They are not quiet or serene. They are holding tanks of human energy teetering on the brink of glorious collapse. One of the reasons I love this racket is the sheer anarchy of them, the precarious balance of so many different people with so many different agendas crammed into one poorly-ventilated, fluorescent-lit space. It's kind of like working inside an episode of Candid Camera, where I have the limited authority to kick someone out if they pee on something. "

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is It Time To Rebuild & Retool Public Libraries & Make “TechShops”?

"Is It Time To Rebuild & Retool Public Libraries & Make “TechShops”?" MAKE / Phillip Torrone.
America: MAKE Online, March 10th 2011.

"To me, public libraries — the availability of free education for all — represent the collective commitment of a community to their future. They symbolize what is most important, a commitment to educating the next generation. The role of a public library should also adapt over time, and that time is finally here. It’s time to plan how we’re going to build the future and what place public libraries have, should have, or won’t have. The goal of this article is to get everyone talking about one of our great resources, the public library, and its future."

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How Do Public Librarians Constitute Information Literacy?

"How Do Public Librarians Constitute Information Literacy?" 5th International Conference on Qualitative Research in IT / Andrew Demasson, Helen Partridge, & Bruce Christine.
Brisbane: 5th International Conference on Qualitative Research in IT 29-30, November 2010.

"Public libraries are considered to be perfectly situated for developing and promoting information literacy as well as for encouraging lifelong learning on a community-wide, state-wide, nation-wide and international level. (Bundy 1999; Harding 2008; Leininger 2005) Not only are they a living source of information, they provide a means by which economic barriers to learning and literacy can be overcome and through which information networks can be established and maintained. They, unlike private and academic libraries, can become an integral part in the life of each and every member of society because membership or patronage is unrestricted. Subsequently, they are the organizations best placed to bring information literacy - awareness and implementation - to the general public."

Quiet in the Library

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stereotypical Librarian Image

Long Overdue, the Bookmobile Is Back

"Long Overdue, the Bookmobile Is Back." Smithsonian / Jeff Greenwald.
Washington:, February 23rd 2011.

Library Ireland Week 2011

Sanctuary Amid the Stacks

"Sanctuary Amid the Stacks." Los Angeles Times / Pico Iyer.
Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Times Online, March 6th 2011.

"...But if the library disappears, then we're really in trouble. A library is much more than a collection of books; it is a sanctuary, a symbol and both a model for community and its encouragement. ... A library is not just a place where many have lost themselves (as it's hard to do in the increasing clamor of a bookstore); it's where countless souls — and surely a good percentage of students — slowly find themselves."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


& then, be Grateful.

How Customer Service Principles Ensure the Library’s Relevance

"How Customer Service Principles Ensure the Library’s Relevance." AALL Spectrum / Mark P. Bernstein.
Chicago: AALL Spectrum Online, November 2008.

"Set goals through strategic planning or a similar staff development program.  Planning allows an organization to adapt, evolve, and successfully take on new challenges, thus preventing stagnation and apathy. Change is constant; continuing to do something simply because you have always done it that way can often lead your customers to turn elsewhere for information.  Consider using a library e-newsletter, blog, or intranet as a current awareness tool to keep clientele abreast and reflect a proactive stance."

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When in Doubt

Cool Website

The Noun Project collects, organizes & adds to the highly recognizable symbols that form the world's visual language, so we may share them in a fun & meaningful way [for FREE].  Funded by the innovative Kickstarter.

Library Renewal

British Library's Strategy 2011-2015

Growing Knowledge: British Library's Strategy 2011-2015 / British Library.
Britain: British Library Board, 2011.

"The Library’s strategy for 2011-2015 contains five strategic priorities, based on the 2020 Vision’s themes:
1. Guarantee access for future generations
2. Enable access for everyone who wants to do research
3. Support research communities in key areas for social and economic benefit
4. Enrich the cultural life of the nation
5. Lead and collaborate in growing the world’s knowledge base."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Information Literacy Cloud

Born This Way / Lady Gaga

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Deconstructing Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Video

How & Why Are Libraries Changing?

"How & Why Are Libraries Changing?" Digital Library Federation / Denise A. Troll.
Pittsburgh: DLF Online, 2001.

"If we're not diligent, the speed of change will inhibit if not paralyze attempts to make sense of what's happening in libraries and intervene for the good of our constituencies. Admittedly, change sometimes occurs so quickly that by the time a research project is designed and implemented, and the results analyzed, the results are no longer applicable because the situation has changed. [7] We know that we cannot plan effectively for the future by projecting increased access to current technologies, but we dare not be discouraged. The future of [all] libraries is at stake. We must begin now to understand how and why libraries and library use are changing if we want libraries to be positioned effectively in higher education a decade from now."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Funding & Priorities: The Library Resource Guide Benchmark Study on 2011 Library Spending Plans

Funding & Priorities: The Library Resource Guide Benchmark Study on 2011 Library Spending Plans / Joseph McKendrick.
New Jersey: Information Today, January 2011.

"“Maintaining personal interactions with the public to encourage library use while libraries become increasingly impersonal and digital will be the biggest challenge,” says a specialist with a California-based public library. “Our libraries must plan to focus on being community centers as well as community information centers or we will become obsolete. This will be a huge challenge as budgets decrease and a larger portion of our budgets will need to be spent on new digital applications.”"

Well worth the free registration! 

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