Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Library — It’s Not Just About Books Anymore

"The Library — It’s Not Just About Books Anymore." San Lorenzo Patch / Toni Mann.
San Lorenzo, CA: The Patch Online, August 15th 2011.

"Unfortunately, many people today don't understand the power of their library card, and have forgotten about this valuable resource. 
Some folks believe that due to the popularity of e-book readers, online bookstores and the Internet, libraries are becoming obsolete. I don’t think those people have been to a public library lately.
The library has changed since the days of shushing librarians, musty books and 3x5 card catalogs. Libraries have become dynamic community gathering spots, and places to keep current with today’s new technology.
As the economy continues its downward spiral, public library usage has skyrocketed. The need for library services and resources has increased dramatically as people have discovered the benefits of a library card over the detriments of a credit card."