Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Tao of Librarianship

"The Tao of Librarianship." Information Tyrannosaur / Andy Burkhardt.
Burlington, Vermont: Information Tyrannosaur, July 19th 2011.

"It is a philosophy which values balance, moderation, compassion and being pliant and adaptable. There is a wealth of wisdom from the Taoist philosophy that could be applied in librarianship. ...
Be Like Water (8) – “The best are like water, bringing help to all.” Water helps all people, that’s it’s nature. Just so, we should constantly be thinking about how we can best serve others. Water also is quite adaptable. It can fit easily into any sort of container and it naturally goes with the flow. Librarians too should be able to change themselves, their services, and their resources to meet their community’s needs. They should be able to adjust along with the changes that are constantly happening in the world both technologically and socially."