Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Prisoners Are Reading at Gitmo

"What Prisoners Are Reading at Gitmo." Time / Kayla Webley.
Washington: Time Online, Friday August 20th 2010.
"Officers at the facility say that, over time, the library has improved rapport between the guards and the detainees, and has made the inmates more cooperative. "It has eased the environment a bit," Collett told TIME from the converted double-wide trailer on the Guantánamo compound that houses the library. "It's not fancy," he said of the space. "This is not the New York Public Library — there are no big lions out front." But the detainees aren't looking for grandeur. "When you live in the kind of environment they live in, change is what you look forward to every day," Collett said. "When the library comes on the block it's exciting, especially if you've got a book they requested — then you are the hero of the day."