Friday, August 6, 2010

Libraries Branch Out Into Job-Hunting Centers

"Libraries Branch Out Into Job-Hunting Centers." San Francisco Chronicle / Carolyn Said.
San Francisco: SF Gate Online, August 1st 2010.
"Libraries have risen to the challenge, holding classes on resume writing and job interviewing, subscribing to specialized job databases, offering online prep courses for civil service and other exams, amassing materials on starting businesses, creating Web sites on career development and even offering free career counseling. Recently, the nation's libraries agreed to collaborate with the US Dept of Labor to more effectively help job seekers.
Last year, 30 million people reported turning to their public library for help in their job quest, 6.9 million did some job-related training at library computers and 3.7 million found work using a library computer.
"There's a hunger out there for information on job hunting," said Luis Herrera, city librarian."