Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Do Public Librarians Constitute Information Literacy?

"How Do Public Librarians Constitute Information Literacy?" 5th International Conference on Qualitative Research in IT / Andrew Demasson, Helen Partridge, & Bruce Christine.
Brisbane: 5th International Conference on Qualitative Research in IT 29-30, November 2010.

"Public libraries are considered to be perfectly situated for developing and promoting information literacy as well as for encouraging lifelong learning on a community-wide, state-wide, nation-wide and international level. (Bundy 1999; Harding 2008; Leininger 2005) Not only are they a living source of information, they provide a means by which economic barriers to learning and literacy can be overcome and through which information networks can be established and maintained. They, unlike private and academic libraries, can become an integral part in the life of each and every member of society because membership or patronage is unrestricted. Subsequently, they are the organizations best placed to bring information literacy - awareness and implementation - to the general public."