Thursday, March 3, 2011

How & Why Are Libraries Changing?

"How & Why Are Libraries Changing?" Digital Library Federation / Denise A. Troll.
Pittsburgh: DLF Online, 2001.

"If we're not diligent, the speed of change will inhibit if not paralyze attempts to make sense of what's happening in libraries and intervene for the good of our constituencies. Admittedly, change sometimes occurs so quickly that by the time a research project is designed and implemented, and the results analyzed, the results are no longer applicable because the situation has changed. [7] We know that we cannot plan effectively for the future by projecting increased access to current technologies, but we dare not be discouraged. The future of [all] libraries is at stake. We must begin now to understand how and why libraries and library use are changing if we want libraries to be positioned effectively in higher education a decade from now."