Monday, November 22, 2010

Libraries Hardly A Thing of the Past, Moshe Safdie Says

Vancouver Public Library
"Libraries Hardly A Thing of the Past, Moshe Safdie Says." Ottawa Citizen / Maria Cook.
Ottawa: The Ottawa Citizen Online, November 22nd 2010.

"Far from being obsolete in the computer age, libraries are meeting more needs than ever, says architect Moshe Safdie, whose work is featured in a show at the National Gallery of Canada.
“A lot of people are saying libraries are a thing of the past, that they make no sense, that information is available, you don’t need them for research anymore,” says Safdie, an ex-Montrealer based in Boston.
“The opposite seems to be the case,” he says. ... “Libraries are changing their role,” says Safdie. “They’re not just a place of books. They’re a place of social happening of a new kind”."
A place of social happening, yea man.