Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Librarians A Neglected Lot

"Librarians A Neglected Lot." The Pioneer / Zafar Alam Khan.
India: The Daily Pioneer Online, August 20th 2012.

"A librarian is considered to be a specialist in the care and management of a library, trained in library science and engaged in library services. A librarian has many important roles to play. Unfortunately, their lot remains neglected due to varied reasons, including the indifferent attitude of the policy makers, perhaps because of their lesser numbers.  SR Ranganathan, considered as father of library science, developed five laws in 1931. He said:
Books are for use
Every reader his or her book
Every book its reader
Save the time of the reader
The library is a growing organism
With a few simple adaptations, Ranganathan’s laws hold good even today. ... Librarians are considered not more than clerks. Even the authorities concerned have failed to implement a proper service structure, and have not come up with an effective promotion formula till today. Further obstacles that hinder the recognition of librarianship as a noble profession enlist the attitude and working habits of supporting staff in libraries."