Friday, May 6, 2011

Reading in Canada Still Strong

"Canadians Purchased or Borrowed More Than 2.7 Million Books Last Week". TD National Reading Summit / National Reading Campaign.
Montreal: National Reading Campaign, January 19th 2011.

"2,714, 946 books in seven days means that in a typical week in January, Canadians bought or borrowed as many books as they purchased tickets to the top box office film. In fact, it is likely that more people picked a book than watched a game on Hockey Night in Canada. We do so much to promote film and to encourage youth to play hockey. Do we do as much to advance reading? The NRC believes our nation can do much more."
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"Though the National Book Count is meant to reflect a typical week in Canadians’ reading habits, it’s worth noting that the figure is likely a conservative one. The count, which organizers say captures roughly 80 per cent of the Canadian book retail market, comes less than a month after the busiest time of year for retailers, during a comparatively fallow period on most publishers’ lists. Moreover, the circulation figures account for 22 major public libraries across Canada, but not rural and academic library systems.
Still, it’s a compelling snapshot of the voracious reading habits of Canadians. Extrapolated over a year-long period, Canadians purchase or check out more than 140 million books.
In addition, [Jamie] Broadhurst says the National Book Count highlights the potential for growth in Canadian readership. “Reading levels in Canada are actually high … but we are worried about the long-term future of reading, and of whether this passion for reading reaches across all regions of the country,” he says."