Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Libraries Cater For the Middle Classes, Not the Deprived

"Libraries Cater For the Middle Classes, Not the Deprived, Says John Redwood." The Guardian / Alison Flood.
London: The Guardian UK Online, April 11th 2011.

"The twice Carnegie-shortlisted author and library campaigner Alan Gibbons disagreed. "Where do you start? He does a half-hour visit to a library when he's clearly not a library user, and he doesn't understand that 320m visits occur to libraries every year," said Gibbons. "They are hugely used, and when they are not used it tends to be because people don't know when they're open, because of the successive cuts from the 1980s onwards, from politicians like him."
Gibbons was adamant that it is not only the middle classes who are library users. "The vast majority of people use libraries … Public libraries serve nearly everyone apart from incredibly rich people like John Redwood and the culture minister. Everyone else needs a library.""