Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Young, Hip Librarians Take Over

"Young, Hip Librarians Take Over." KPBS / Ana Tintocalis.
San Diego: KPBS Online, January 10th 2011.

"Meredith Myers, a librarian and stand-up comedian, says she knows the answer: hire younger, more hip librarians.
“I think we need cool librarians,” said Myers, who sports a stylish hat, bright red hair and black biker boots. “Image is important. (Younger patrons) are more likely to ask for help from people who they can identify with.”
Myers is part of a growing number of young librarians who are busting stereotypes of the “typical librarian” and forcing change within their own libraries.
They said it is not uncommon today to see librarians wearing Doc Martin boots, tattoos and dreadlocks. And some new librarians say they are more interested in pop culture than historical text.
Library advocates said it is all part of the 21st Century library – a place with cool technology and cool people."