Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ebooks & Libraries: A Stream of Concerns

"Ebooks & Libraries: A Stream of Concerns." Information Wants to Be Free / Meredith Farkas.
Vermont: Information Wants To Be Free, January 18th 2011.

"And how do you browse a shelf of eBooks?
Browsing is still an important part of the discovery experience. Every time I am helping a student find books on a specific topic, I will suggest that they look to the left and right of the books they are specifically looking for on the shelf to see if there’s something that didn’t come up in our search that would be a great fit for their research. There’s nothing like serendipity, and serendipitous browsing is still not replicated well online. And this becomes even more difficult to imagine replicating when you have a mix of ebook collections and print books. The collection becomes even more fragmented, even more difficult to browse."