Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Do Librarians Think About Marketing?

"What Do Librarians Think About Marketing? A Survey Of Public Librarians’ Attitudes Toward The Marketing Of Library Services." Library Quarterly / Marilyn L. Shontz, Jon C. Parker, & Richard Parker.
Chicago: Library Quarterly Online 74.1 pg 63-84, 2004.

"However, very few studies have examined the attitudes of librarians toward marketing. As discussed earlier, some writers have speculated that many librarians lack knowledge of marketing, have negative attitudes toward marketing, or believe that marketing is relevant only to businesses, but not to libraries.
Most of the respondents in this study tended to express generally positive attitudes toward marketing. However, there were some statistically significant differences between subgroups. For example, more positive attitudes toward marketing were expressed by administrators and public service librarians than by reference and technical services librarians. Those with more years of library work experience and those who had taken a course or workshop in marketing also expressed more positive attitudes toward marketing."