Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twelve Theses On Libraries & Librarians

"Twelve Theses On Libraries & Librarians." Faith & Theology / Benjamin Myers.
Sydney: Faith & Theology, February 16th 2010.

"The library is the most solid and enduring item in the whole apparatus of intellectual life. In time our academic fads and fashions, our schools of thought and indeed entire disciplines, will pass soundlessly into the abyss of history. But the library endures – in fact it grows only stronger, driving its roots down ever deeper while the wreckage of history piles up around it. The library’s sheer material presence testifies to its ontological priority in intellectual life: ideas are fickle and intangible, they occupy no fixed location, but the library fills space and time with an imposing materiality. It is the mind’s anchor holding fast beneath the storms and currents of time."

I love this passage.