Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In a Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks

"In a Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks." The New York Times / Lisa W. Foderaro.
New York: New York Online, October 19th 2010.

"They text their friends all day long. At night, they do research for their term papers on laptops and commune with their parents on Skype. But as they walk the paths of Hamilton College, a poster-perfect liberal arts school in this upstate village, students are still hauling around bulky, old-fashioned textbooks — and loving it. “The screen won’t go blank,” said Faton Begolli, a sophomore from Boston. “There can’t be a virus. It wouldn’t be the same without books. They’ve defined ‘academia’ for a thousand years.”"

The Book: Perfectly Evolved.