Friday, October 22, 2010

Ebooks Don’t Cannibalize Print, People Do

"Ebooks Don’t Cannibalize Print, People Do." Black Plastic Glasses / Evan Schnittman.
London: Black Plastic Glasses, September 27th 2010.

"I was given two free print books and I wound up purchasing them on my Kindle anyway!
Why did I do this?  Because ever since I started using a dedicated ereading device and platform I have found the convenience of having all the books I am reading and want to read all in one device far more convenient than toting around one print book at a time. In fact with the Kindle platform, I can read on my MacBook Pro, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or Blackberry. I read on these devices when I have spare moments, when I travel, when I am in the doctor’s office waiting room, when I don’t want to think about work for 30 minutes and I want to escape. And since they all synchronize to the cloud, I am always exactly where I left off on any device I want to use.
As a result, I read and purchase far more books than I ever have before (save when I was in college) because I now have my books —and the ability to get most any book I want — at all times and in all places. And because I am an ebook reader, I shop for virtually all of my reading in ebookstores.
Therein lies the rub."