Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HAVES Ignore HAVE-NOTS & Always Will

"The HAVES Ignore the HAVE-NOTS & Always Will." The Effing Librarian / The.Effing.Librarian.
Florida: The.Effing.Librarian, June 23rd 2010.
"And this again, do I have to say it, is the essential role of the public library. No, of the fucking public library. We fill that gap between mandated public education and expensive post-education and then on and on until you or I die. (Yes, I hope I die first, too.) ... Training someone to be an educated digital citizen takes real time. You can't solve it with a slide show or a widget.

I can't even guess which skills we'll need for tomorrow's internet. But as long as someone pays for me to be a librarian, I'll continue to care and to teach it to whomever needs to know. And if no one wants to pay me, I won't teach it, but I'll still care."