Thursday, June 17, 2010

Closing the Digital Frontier

"Closing the Digital Frontier." The Atlantic / Michael Hirschorn.
Washington: The Atlantic Online, July-August 2010.
"...Information wants to be free was never meant to be the rallying cry it turned into. It was first uttered by Stewart Brand at a hacker conference in 1984, and it came with a significant disclaimer: that information also wants to be expensive, because it can be so important (see “Information Wants to Be Paid For,” in this issue). ... IWTBF [has been] dissected, debated, reconstituted as a global democratic rallying cry against monsters of the political, business, and media elites—became perhaps the most powerful meme of the past quarter century; so powerful, in fact, that multibillion-dollar corporations destroyed their own businesses at its altar."
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